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  • Eva
    I currently strong arrival, in the first stage, but the decision does not work, and as you start treatment is immediately apparent on arrival. I'm using it right now, about a month. I won't tell, the effect is instantly noticeable, but now certainly appears. The texture is very soft, the skin quickly, and no bad smell) I like very much use, especially varikosette in the evening, after a day on your feet-that's right, it appears that lightness.
  • Žan
    Varicose veins are often the problem, former athletes, and he forgave me. Clots in blocked vessels, like veins constantly vibrating rear thighs and calves like a very nice and visually observed to help cope with these symptoms with the cream of the arrival varikosette. If you try to ask, it will help!
  • Maša
    Varikosette this cream able to remove edema, heaviness in legs, pain. Unfortunately, that does not affect themselves in Vienna, that makes sense. Any other cream that failed to beat the disease. The consistency is quite light, what it costs is a few minutes the cream is absorbed. Leaves an oily shine. The first 5-7 minutes after the application conditions, a pleasant shiver on the skin, especially in this hot season. In the morning I my legs are shaking, it is sometimes difficult to even get out of bed, not to mention about the job. Applications of the cream, and then like nothing happened. Start to move, 10 minutes ago. But the effect is extremely limited - for 1-2 hours I feel good, no pain, and then falls again contamination. In general, emergency aid is good. Helps to soothe aching feet at the end of the day and still very well after work, "legs." Now it's already time to time that I've allowed myself to wear heels. Well, I mean, if the cream is not worthy of you to wait miracles from him. Consumption, not economic, I'm getting 3 times already. And already the ends again (наношу 3-4 times a day). If you have the money, then you can order. It's more of a good cream.
  • Maša
    Like many women, I love high-heeled shoes. Over the years, the steel feet at the end of the day tired very quickly conditions for strong violence, even if it hurts to walk. I don't want to change your favorite shoes Slippers, so I went away, see a doctor for advice, and advised me that cream buy Varikosette. The car is really very effective, испробовала a lot of ointments and gels, but to be honest, all of their alleged action. I bought an ointment from the pharmacy, myung horrible allergies started, output, skin rash and itching, Allergy pills he had to drink. Cream Varikosette it wasn't any side action, the symptoms resolved only applause. I am using it now for the prevention of high-heeled shoes were reflected no adverse wearing on my legs.
  • Sara
    I'm in pain, varicose veins, nodes began to take shape already in the legs, vascular, leg eerie evening fog and it hurts, I've tried a lot of creams and this cream helps me get rid of pain and edema is there a special hope didn't, but how wrong I was. Swelling conditioner varikosette one, but saved from the pain. Walk in the evenings now instead of making the foot compress. A good cream, one more.
Comments Varikosette