Instructions for use Varikosette

Success in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins depends to a large extent, that's right, use regular cream.

Method of application Varikosette it's quite simple:

  1. Apply a little amount of cleared land means that the disease to occur in the skin area.
  2. By massaging from the bottom up (stop-hip ratio) slightly distribute legs, all the affected surface.
  3. Wait a bit, he is absorbed.

Recommended medication use by up to 3 times a day. A groundbreaking development in the treatment of allowed concurrent arrival, injectable medications. Compression underwear is not forbidden also.

A relief of painful symptoms, feelings of tiredness, almost. The external manifestations of treatment, for example, a node and "Star", time, 3-4 weeks on average. Varicose veins of the foot to heal completely because it is not possible for a product that is described this system as an integrated approach of disease that requires lifestyle changes. Bad signs and external manifestations but is able to clear the lion's share.

The tool leaves a trail of clothing fat. It is absorbed quickly. Penetrates the deep layers, protective shell, healing items, delivery is a problematic area.

Can achieve maximum impact by combining the use cream in the treatment of varicose veins Varikosette with acceptance, we no tonic and medicine for the implementation of a special exercise. Take a good look at the health of their feet – and it's not a positive outcome, a long wait!

Cream indications

Cream Varikosette from the destination, it is advisable to buy and use in the following situations:
  • it occurs when the first symptoms, varicose disease, varicose veins, numbness, convulsions, Nov, show through the skin covers the back of the vessels;
  • if you have the arrival of the susceptibility due to genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, or a still stagnant job and others;
  • to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy.
Use the cream as a result Varikosette the effect of the hand – return improves the sound of the arrival of skin – herbal composition means a balanced body.


Like any other external medication cream arrival Varikosette worth more injured, inflamed surface materials may increase irritation. If the compatibility test before you use very sensitive skin. For this product and some elbow 45 minute wait. It doesn't matter if any allergic reactions, the car is suitable for you.

Varikosette it is not recommended for children because the pediatric application in practice is unknown. Edema patients rolling committing a violation, heart, kidney and liver, cream doesn't help.

The agent is generally well tolerated. In rare cases, the respective individual features of the body with possible itching, rash, a little. The reactions listed when the drug should stop.